Awesome Landscape supplies the commercial businesses and residential homes of Amarillo, TX and surrounding areas with a plethora of landscape services. We are fully licensed and insured and for the last 40 years Awesome Landscape has upheld a high moral standards, family-friendly customer service while we deliver superior execution on all services rendered. With the aid of top-quality products and equipment, Awesome Landscape can ensure our residential and commercial customers of Amarillo, Texas premium results.

Turning Your Lawn from Brown to Green

Lawn renovation is a comprehensive service Awesome Landscape offers to businesses and residential landscapes in Greater Amarillo, Texas. Whether you have preexisting lawn on its last leg, or not a grass blade insight, Awesome Landscape can completely turn your landscape into a lush grassy plot. Complete with a watering system and maintenance services to keep it at its prime. When renovating your lawn, late summer and fall are the best times to germinate seed. Usually the cooler temperatures are perfect, and we don’t have to compete with crabgrass and weeds like we do in the spring and summer.

Sod Consultation & Installation Guide

Awesome Landscape preps the area for grass you have requested on your commercial or residential landscape. Following the prep, clearing, and sprinkler systems of the site, Awesome Landscape professionals install the select sod of grass you have requested. After which, we conduct regularly performed maintenance during the seeding process, including; hydro mulching and routine grass mowing as per the deciding factors during our in depth consultation.

Lawn Renovation & Restoration Services in Amarillo, Texas

Awesome Landscape impressive lawn renovation service is enough to keep us stored in your cell phone for continual landscape services and maintenance. Continuing the upkeep of your landscape can keep it looking amazing all year long. We can perform the necessary winterizing treatments on your fresh lawn renovation service, and continue the necessary maintenance season by season. Call us today to get started on your Amarillo, Texas home and business’s lawn renovation service!